Who Is This Class For?

  • You feel disconnected in your marriage

  • You have difficulty communicating

  • You struggle to resolve conflict

  • You desire greater intimacy in your marriage

  • You get stuck in repetitive cycles in your relationship

  • You've tried counseling with little or no results

  • You want to strengthen your relationship

  • You want to connect with like-minded couples

  • You want to learn new skills and principles

  • You want your investment of time and money to see results

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What's in the Class?

  • Week 1: Connection


    We connect around how we most feel loved and cared for…this is impacted by our personalities, so we need to know what our spouse needs most to stay connected. Love Languages, Emotional Needs, and 4 Types of Intimacy are discussed.

  • Week 2: Climate


    Every marriage has a climate, and this climate impacts our communication, connection, and conflict. The key is to create a safe, healthy climate. We cover the 5 Characteristics of a Healthy Climate and 5 Enemies of a Healthy Climate.

  • Week 3: Communication


    We cover 5 Communication Killers in relationship, 5 Keys to Communication and the “Managing the Moment” technique to deescalate conflict and increase understanding.


  • Week 4: Conflict


    Uncovering the 3 Sides of Conflict and how to Manage Conflict: Personal & Relational. We discuss the 5 Characters of Conflict that show up and hijack conflicts, 5 Things to Consider in conflict, and Resolvable vs Unresolvable issues.



  • CONNECTION: 5-7 Minutes

    Icebreakers for couples in large group format.

  • CONTENT: 20-30 Minutes

    LIVE teaching content provided by Eric Wooten, Masterclass facilitator.

  • COMMUNITY: 40-45 Minutes

    Small group discussion and application of content with 4-5 other couples, led by a Masterclass mentor couple.

  • CLOSING: 10-15 Minutes

    Wrap up and Q&A with Eric Wooten, Masterclass facilitator.

Meet Your Instructor

Eric is a dynamic speaker, author and relationship expert. He uses his 15 years of experience as a pastor and licensed professional counselor to help strengthen relationships and organizations.

Eric has leveraged his transformative, yet easy to digest frameworks to save countless marriages and create sustainable change at all levels of any organization.


Eric  formerly served as Teaching Pastor and Director of Couples & Counseling at One Community Church before becoming President of Altared Marriage. He holds a Master’s of Marriage & Family Counseling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and is the author of “The Magnetic Marriage: 8 Characteristics of Irresistible Marriages.” Eric has been married to his wife, Jill, for 26 years and they have 3 daughters.


Eric Wooten

President, Altared Marriage


Tim Muehlhoff, PhD

Professor of Communication,

Biola University

“Few speakers can engage a ballroom filled with thousands of people.  Eric is one of those rare individuals.   His sense of humor, transparency, and deep insight into the struggles of marriage are a perfect blend that leaves audiences not only entertained, but encouraged to pursue a biblical blueprint for marriage.”

Steve & Christy Blackard

Franchise Owners,

Primrose School of Tampa

“15 years ago my friend and pastor, Eric Wooten, intervened in what was the lowest point in any marriage possible....  long story short his persistence and commitment to our relationship saved our marriage... no doubt in our mind that God, through him, is the reason we are still together to this day!!!  We will be celebrating 28 years this July!!!  Having known Eric for 20 years and witnessed his effectiveness with both one on one relationships and large group speeches... his character is flawless, funny, creative in his approach to difficult topics, sincere and relentless in his ability to affect lives, especially with marriages that are in trouble!!!"

Josh & Becca Long

Owners, Remax Signature Properties

“I have personally know Eric for 10 plus years, in that time he has not only been a great friend but phenomenal sounding board for advice in my marriage. Eric is a man of true character, and has an extremely tender heart for the sanctity of a Godly marriage. Eric has an incredible sense of humor that right away makes you open up with some very uncomfortable subjects."

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What is the cost for the masterclass?

Will this class help if our marriage is really struggling?

What is the small group time like?

The small group time will consist of 40-45 minutes of discussion with 4-5 other couples also taking the class. This time will be led by a Masterclass mentor couple. You will discuss questions and exercises that pertain to weekly material taught prior to the small group breakout. You can share as little or as much as you are comfortable with.

How long is each class?

How will we get access to the class?

When does the class start?

Who is this class for?

What if we're not able to make it to one of the classes?

What is included in the class cost?

What is needed to participate?

What if I have additional questions?

Feel free to email us at info@altaredmarriage.com with any questions you might have regarding the Marriage Masterclass.